March 21, 2014

The Anatomy of a Warrior Cat Party

Well, here's the "scoop"--I got a hug the day after the party from one of my kiddos, who said at the same time in my ear, "That was the BEST birthday EVER."  All worth it.  A party that is not based on a typical (i.e. Disney, Hello Kitty, Superhero) theme is a little tougher on the planning side, what with the research, not having read any of the books, etc. and trying to remain true to what the girls had conjured up in their minds based on the books themselves, proved to be a challenge.  This "twolegged" (needed a glossary of terms to even begin to plan) did some major research.  So for anyone who is posed with this party theme, I'll break it down.  Find a glossary of terms. Print it.  Read it. I found one here.

Then decide on games.  I had planned a mouse scavenger hunt with catnip mice, found in bulk on eBay.  I found a word search (Googled "warrior cat word search") for some down time when things got crazy.
I had a craft table set up so the kids could make headbands with cat ears and tails. Dollar store headbands and ribbon for tails, scrapbook paper for creative license, and they did their own thing.
In the terminology of Warrior Cats, the term "dirt" refers to "poo", so I got a litter box, cleaned it out, filled it with puffed rice and tootsie rolls, and the girls had to blindfolded reach in for "dirt".

We also had a cat lapping water contest...well, not really technically a contest, because there wasn't a prize, but they liked it so much they did it twice! It was pretty darn funny to watch.
Now, about the food.  I had a dear friend save me her cat food cans, and she cleaned them out and I lined them with cupcake liners, and they served as wonderful little snack bowls for such feline fare as goldfish, Swedish fish, and then we had to have Peeps marshmallow chicks.  Our "fresh kill" was fruit (I know, not cat food, but I needed something healthy, right?) and chicken nuggets. Just happened to have mason jars (don't ask why!), so I adorned them with twine for refills if the kiddos wanted it.

My girls helped with decorations, and made a "Clan" banner for the table.

They also drew paw prints with chalk leading up to the house. We had goody bags ready for each guest, and had some personalized stickers made at Oriental trading company for the party. And yes, I know, that is a zebra striped bag...but when you Google cat paper goods, all you get is "Cat in the Hat."  I tried.
Everyone was given the code of the "Clan".

The cake was, well, a cake, and the girls drew the design and gave it to the decorator at the bakery.  No homemade cake this time...I was "dirt" tired!

All in all, a great time, and if any of these ideas help someone not have to recreate the wheel, that would make me very happy!



March 12, 2014

March 5, 2014

Printing Images

Some of my clients have been asking, "Where should I get my images printed?"  I'm here to tell you, cheaper is not always better.  If you order through me, I use a high end lab, and the photos are always true to my calibrated monitor. Here is an example, courtesy of  Amanda Jackson Photography.
So, when I give you your digital files, please, please respect them and use a good lab for anything other than scrapbooking!  You'll thank me!
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